We must save our countryside, a book by Elisabeth Trotignon

What is “resinement”? it is the destructive process that sees rural areas colonized by industrial conifer plantations, whose long-term ravages are innumerable: monoculture of fast-growing species planted in a straight line, loss of animal biodiversity under these agro-industrial spaces, and to finish, clear cuts with large machines which degrade the ground, favor the erosion of the ground.

One example among others, described in length and in width by Elisabeth Trotignon, and illustrated by magnificent photographs signed Jacques Trotignon. Many landscape management errors are described in this book, such as the damage caused by roadside maintenance by the chippers, which ultimately only leaves room for brambles and ferns …

Since the 1950s, the French countryside has known profound upheavals with inevitable consequences: standardization of landscapes, pollution, erosion of biodiversity, etc. Today, the excesses it has suffered are recognized, encouraging new inhabitants, farmers, residents, elected officials … to better consider it, to enhance its own assets, between agricultural products, heritage (natural and architectural), landscapes and biological diversity. With a broader and softer vision, more respectful of the environment, many actors who practice it on a daily basis seek to revitalize it economically while preserving and enhancing its intrinsic wealth. As mentalities, knowledge and techniques evolve, today’s campaign is gradually finding a new appeal,

Botanist, holder of a postgraduate diploma in rural planning, √Člisabeth Trotignon has long been in charge of environment and landscape mission in the department of Indre. She is familiar with the Berry countryside, her main subject of study. In particular, she studies nature and landscape aspects in the context of various development operations, the establishment of sensitive natural spaces or even community advice. In addition, the daughter of a farmer, she has always followed developments in this profession, for which she retains a sincere attachment. She is the author of numerous books and articles on the countryside and its developments, its wild flora and its trees.