REC Silicon targeted by ransomware attack

REC Silicon said it was the victim of a ransomware attack but suffered only minor data loss as a result.

The company did not indicate when the cyber security incident occurred. It said the attack briefly caused business systems to stop functioning and that an incident response company was brought in.

All systems have successfully been restored with only minor data loss, REC Silicon said in a December 19 press release. The company said its production, safety, quality, sales, and revenue were not affected by the incident.

The attackers were able to extract some data from REC Silicon servers, but the data does not appear to contain any “significant” intellectual property.

REC Silicon said it has implemented increased security and is taking additional steps to ensure the protection of its information and server environment from any future incidents.

REC Silicon is a leading producer of advanced silicon materials, delivering high-purity polysilicon and silicon gas to the solar and electronics industries worldwide.