Ethikdo, gift card that transforms your desires for ethical consumption

Born from the idea of ​​Séverin, a former professional rugby player, the ethikdo site is the result of 7 months of development and partnerships. The principle is simple: offer on the internet a gift card that draws from second-hand or zero waste items, and more generally from responsible consumption brands, short circuits, just the site that lists all the brands is a precious mine for all readers of ecolopop who are interested in companies in the sector.

the first 100% ecological and solidarity -based multi-brand gift card

The card allows you to buy online on one of the websites offered by this platform, but also in a physical store. All the brands and brands offered by éthi’Kdo have been selected to provide the best responses in terms of social and environmental issues in their sector. Thus, after having listed all the categories of products available on traditional gift cards, éthi’Kdo analyzed the main social and environmental impacts linked to the different stages of their life cycle to identify the brands and brands that had built the best. responsible alternatives to reduce these impacts.

No black Friday !!

Each store and brand then commits to the éthi’Kdo charter: responsible commercial practices (such as not participating in Black Friday), sale of products resulting from an exclusively responsible approach, and fair relations with its stakeholders.

A non-profit cooperative, éthi’Kdo pursues a clear mission: to promote consumption that is more respectful of human beings and the environment. More than 1,100 brands and brands well known to the general public are available thanks to the gift card such as 1083, Emmaus Label, Slow Cosmétique, Panafrica, Rejoué, Recyclivre, Artisans du Monde, Mademoiselle Vrac, Les Ateliers Croix-Rouge, or Dream Act to name a few. Give pleasure while participating in the ecological transition Since 2019, Ethi’Kdo has been the eco-responsible gift card that has already won over more than 50,000 French people. Fashion, high-tech, cosmetics, culture, toys, decoration … holders of an éthi’Kdo card can choose from several hundred brands and retailers with a positive impact, drastically selected. And its founders are convinced: more than a simple gift card, éthi’Kdo is intended to be a real tool for ecological transition, by limiting overconsumption through the possibility of transforming its card into a donation for an association, or of participating in workshops to learn how to do it yourself. same. We will explain all of this to you in detail. Finely selected products and brands.

A wide choice in a directory of 1,100 handpicked brands and shops

Éthi’Kdo offers a wide choice of products, bringing together around 1,100 brands and retailers available online, ie twice as many as in 2020. The list by theme is available on the website. Éthi’Kdo is also a network of 200 ethical and solidarity shops throughout France to discover, in your own neighborhood, the merchants involved around your home. The social impact measurement carried out by éthi’Kdo in June 2021 shows that 82% of their users declared having entered the store for the first time thanks to the éthi’Kdo card, and 98% of the customers brought by éthi’Kdo declared expect to return to the store later. As a corporate gift, éthi’Kdo offers an alternative to CSEs looking for ecological gifts. 85% of CSE customers say that without the ethi’Kdo alternative, they would have turned to solutions that were not particularly ecological. In addition, 83% of them state that the experience with éthi’Kdo encouraged them to propose other ecological or solidarity actions within their CSE.