Developing the environmental direction of logistics : a comment by Pavel Lisitsin

The logistics industry seeks to optimise for the needs of the environment. Pavel Lisitsin tells how environmental solutions are being implemented at Odessa enterprises (Ukraine).

Pavel Lisitsin talks about environmentally friendly ways of transporting cargo and optimising logistics in the port of Odessa.

Friendly ways of transporting cargo and optimising logistics in the port of Odessa from Pavel Lisitsin
port of Odessa (Ukraine)

More and more representatives of industry and business are striving to minimise damage to the environment in their work. If not so long ago, many have not thought about the problems of ecology, waste management and other similar issues, now it is impossible – the level of responsibility in society is steadily growing. In view of this, the environmental branch of logistics is also actively developing. Pavel Lisitsin talks about how business can help the environment.

Transportation and logistics companies regularly face a number of issues that affect the environment – emissions of harmful gases, wastage of natural resources, waste recycling.

Key eco-logistics issues

 sustainable logistics tips from Pavel Lisitsin
Eco friendly transportation concept

So what exactly are the issues that eco-logistics addresses? Pavel Lisitsin identifies the following:

  • Collection, sorting and transportation of waste.
  • Waste management or organisation of its safe storage.
  • Reducing of harmful emissions.
  • Control over environmental friendliness and safety of materials used in production.
  • To maximize the use of natural energy sources to reduce pollution.
  • Rational use of limited natural resources.

The major challenge in any industry at the moment is waste management. Logistics, however, with its constant handling of transport, also faces the problem of pollution through emissions, and new solutions are needed in this area.

Modern logistics solutions

Smart logistics solutions from Pavel Lisitsin
Smart logistics solutions

Conventional logistics are changing steadily, thanks not least to new technologies. In particular, the environmental problems associated with the transport industry are being addressed by technical innovations such as unmanned modes of delivery. “In the US, this idea is already being actively implemented. In our realities, unfortunately, it is not yet possible, but an adaptive solution has already been found,” comments Pavel Lisitsin. By using half of the unmanned trucks (by attaching them to trucks with drivers), a significant amount of fuel is saved. This not only reduces the impact on the atmosphere, but also saves natural resources.

The next step, according to Pavel Lisitsin, will be creation of electrified roads, following the example of Scandinavian countries. Such an innovation will significantly improve the environmental situation in our region.