11 ideas to copy to these super roof terraces from all over the world

Having a roof terrace is more and more trendy! Also called rooftop, it has become the new fashionable layout that has established itself in the European landscape, but also throughout the world.

Not only does it allow you to have a good time on the terrace enjoying the fresh air, but also to gain space to install an extra room in a home. And between us, what a pleasure to be able to observe the surroundings from a private point of view and often from a height!

Install bohemian garlands, choose minimalist materials or multiply plants, get inspired by the good ideas of these private rooftops around the world. All these arrangements are so many good ideas that you can apply at home!

1 – An all-wood roof terrace in the Paris region

On the occasion of an elevation of a townhouse in the Paris region, the interior design agency myHomeDesign took the opportunity to create a roof terrace version .

Dressed in a wooden floor, the space also accommodates comfortable outdoor seats as well as a pergola on which plants will grow.

An all-wood roof terrace in the Paris region

Good ideas to remember:

The installation in small wooden barrels of aromatic plants.
Take advantage of raising work to install a terrace at the top of your house.
All in wood for a rustic feel.
To protect itself from the vis-à-vis, the wire mesh on which the plants will grow, to form a green wall.

2 – A bohemian rooftop terrace with sea view in Marseille

Pierre and Fanny’s atypical apartment enjoys an ideal location in Marseille. It is located on the top floor of an art deco building and has access to a rooftop terrace with sea views.

Without much development work, the couple, who rent their apartment to vacationers , have managed to transform the space into a peaceful bohemian corner .


Good ideas to remember:

The personalization of spaces, thanks to ephemeral installations, such as garlands or rugs.
The provision of lighting with light garlands, which do not require additional electrical work during the arrangement.

3 – A luxurious rooftop terrace in India

Found in India, this terrace overlooks the city. By choosing a rather luxurious set, the Nishita Kamdar studio has thus created a terrace corresponding to the standing of the complex of high-rise residential towers in which it is located.

Studio Kunal Bhatia for Studio Nishita Kamdar

The good idea to remember:

Even in a luxurious set, nothing prevents personalizing the furniture: here, for example, the large pots have been painted.
Choose exotic wood that is warmer.
Choose evergreen plants, which do not need maintenance.

4 – A rustic rooftop terrace in Chicago

On the Chicago skyline , Studio Scrafano has designed the space as an outdoor family room.

The wooden terrace and the plantations soften the urban and industrial environment. The lawn offers space in particular for children to have fun.

Catherine Tighe for Studio Scrafano

5 – A pergola installed on a roof terrace in Sweden

To be able to enjoy a terrace while also having a swimming pool installed in the garden, invest the roof, as on this contemporary house imagined by Propio Fastigheter AB .

Propio Fastigheter AB

Good ideas to remember:

Choose solid glass guardrails, which will seem invisible.
Install a pergola on a platform.

6 – A charming and concrete roof terrace in Paris

Below, the workshops of a ceramist and an upholsterer. Above, a minimalist but functional terrace .

This is the request made by a couple of artists, whose main residence is located opposite this original construction at the Parisian architecture studio Freaks . Use with caution due to lack of guardrail.

David Foessel for cabinet Freaks

Good ideas to remember:

Nice seats may be enough to furnish the terrace.
Play with the mineral and natural side.
Place large flowerpots that outline the contours of the roof terrace.

7 – A roof terrace with a hanging garden atmosphere

Perched at the top of an ultra contemporary house in New Delhi, India, this terrace allows the various occupants to meet and share good times.

In this construction imagined by the Spaces Architects agency , we find noble materials, such as Italian stone or glass, but also a lot of vegetation.

Spaces Architects

Good ideas to remember:

Install a fake lawn to create a hanging garden.
Dress the walls with plants to bring freshness.

8 – A gravelled roof terrace in Sicily

The Sicilian house renovated by Bureau 69 Architects is located in a UNESCO heritage site, due to the presence of a medieval castle.

Like a little cocoon of nature, the high terrace allows you to relax discreetly, hammock option!

Sara J Parker for Bureau 69 architects

Good ideas to remember:

Choose colorful furniture and a colored wall to add some pep to the terrace.
Mix the grounds to delimit the spaces, as here gravel and wood.
The hammock hung on the crossing beams.

9 – An urban roof terrace with a view of the Eiffel Tower

No mystery, this rooftop terrace is well located in Paris, you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Without major renovations, the FB architecture workshop has succeeded in transforming an unwelcoming space into a green area.

Atelier FB

Good ideas to remember:

The installation of a garden shed on the roof, which serves as a shed.
If you cannot plant directly on the ground, install large pots.

10 – A vegetable garden installed on a roof terrace in Milan

The Italian architecture studio Piuarch has transformed the flat roof of its Milan offices , in collaboration with the landscape architect Cornelius Gavril, into the ideal and multifunctional terrace.

There are cultivated spaces, with pretty flowers, fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs, but also something to settle down to have a meal with all your co-owners!

Daniele Cavadini

Good ideas to remember:

Mix flowers and edible plants for a country atmosphere and for the crops to protect themselves.
Building a floor and pallet planters, an economical solution.

11 – A roof terrace in the heart of the old town

Return to Sicily, with the second roof terrace belonging to the house renovated by Bureau 69 Architects (project n ° 8).

Here, the architects have rather played the card of discretion, installation like a bubble of greenery in the middle of the old roofs of the old town.

Bureau 69 architects